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Not much ranks above napping.

Not much ranks above napping.
December 3, 2009 Mary Jo

There was that one day, several weeks ago, when The Boy awoke from his normally-scheduled morning nap after only a half hour.  That’s about 1 1/2 hours shorter than the allotted time, which also delightfully (for me) coincides with The Girl’s time at Preschool.  The time it took for my brain to race from Panic! to Realization! to Solution! makes my head spin when I think of it now.

Panic:  What-are-you-doing-up?!!-Go-back-to-sleep-This-is-MY-time-We-had-a-deal-Don’t-make-me-crazy!

Realization:  Oh.  I see the sun pouring in, boring a hole through your delicate, paper-thin eyelids.  My bad.

Solution:  Curtains.  Now.  Very dense, light-blocking curtains.  Now.

I immediately picked up said Girl from said Preschool and carted the whole gang into town to find some damn curtains, because we would NOT be missing any more naps.  Ever again.

Given this supposed sense of urgency, it seemed logical to try the normal approach to getting curtains, (buying them already made!) but what with these curtains, a smashingly successful Anthropologie homage, and also these for my firstborn, it seemed that my only option was to in fact make them myself.  And to make them awesome, of course, if I love The Boy as much as The Girl, which, let the record show, I do.

So I found some black-out fabric on sale at Joann’s, found this gorgeous fabric that I’d been admiring for many months from a seller on Etsy, and started sewing.  Once Errol resumed his post as Reliable Napper the very next day, I realized that the prior incident was in fact an isolated one, thankfully, so I took my time sewing.  The fabric itself is the brown architectural footprint design on natural; the monochromatic orange squares were cut from my stash and appliqued by me.

I was on such a roll that I even managed to eke out a matching duvet for the comforter in his crib.  The mini down comforter was something that I had cut from a normal size, thrifted down comforter, then washed a million times to eradicate the heebie-jeebies.  This was several years ago, for then-baby Isadora’s crib; the duvet’s been on the To Do list for a few years.

A note to all future overnight house guests:  we are pleased to report that, upon the addition of curtains to the Guest Bedroom, the room’s rating has risen from a mere 2 stars to 3 1/2!  Pack accordingly; you will no longer need to undress in the dark.

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