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Handmade Recap – for The Boy

Handmade Recap – for The Boy
January 11, 2010 Mary Jo

I didn’t make many handmade gifts for Christmas this past year.  Truthfully, I think we were both a little burnt out from the previous year, where Christmas morning found a Mr. in the kitchen, canning strawberry jam to gift and a Mrs. at her sewing machine, whipping out doll pajamas at breakneck speed.  But I did want to make something special for Andrew and the kids.  What kind of Christmas would it be without the anticipation of seeing those I love open a gift made just for them?

For The Boy, I pieced together scraps of cashmere, merino wool, and angora blend sweater scraps to make this Star Baby.  The idea and basic pattern came straight from the Winter 2009 issue of Living Craft.

He loves it.  Seeing him clutch it to his chest, caress it with his cheeks, chew softly on the knots… this is his gift to me.

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