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Handmade Recap – for the Girl

Handmade Recap – for the Girl
January 18, 2010 Mary Jo

Isadora’s handmade gift from Momma was far less satisfying to bestow than the Boy’s Star Baby.  For the Girl, I made a simple Red Riding Hood cape from a velour blanket we no longer used.  I based the pattern loosely on an amalgamation of this tutorial and a few others.  Mostly, I wung it. (surely that’s the past tense of “wing it”)

And this pretty much sums up the high point of the cape’s appreciation.  Oh, Isadora likes it well enough and has worn it a few times, but I think the fact that I have only the lame-o “Globe-for-a-Head” and “Adorning-the-Dog” shots to show for it speaks volumes.  Now, if I had thought to instead make an ice blue, be-glittered Cinderella dress or a kid-size coffee pot that actually spits out water….well, then, this post would have had far more pics.

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