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Handmade Recap – for the Mister

Handmade Recap – for the Mister
January 19, 2010 Mary Jo

Oh, this is the good stuff, the grand finale of Show and Tell.  This is the project that held up our Christmas, as I sewed feverishly to get as much done as possible before wrapping and presenting it.  And in the end, it was handed over without sleeves or side seams, but after that first moment of confusion, was very well received.  And as of today, January 19th, it still patiently waits for sleeves and side seams and maybe even a hem.  Soon, Handsome Shirt.  Soon.

You’ll have to kindly edit out the bust in your own minds; the only dress forms I have for showcasing the shirt are of the female variety.

Some details for you to chew on –

+ The buttons are pearlized snaps applied with my very own industrial snap setter, mentioned previously.  What I couldn’t say before was that I bought it specifically for this application.  I bought it to apply pearlized snaps, many of them, which is why, when they’re reviewing the candidates, I shall be awarded the honor of Wife of the Year.  The Mister has a thing for pearl snaps.  He also has a dear friend and coworker who sports them regularly, inadvertently calling attention to Andrew’s meager one or two pearlized shirts.  ‘This will really show him!’ Andrew said with glee on Christmas Eve, after fully comprehending the gift.  ‘You betcha, Dearie.’  I said.  ‘We have hundreds of pearl snaps, in different colors even, at your beck and call.’  That is one lucky man.

+ The fabric is something I came across by accident in the sale bin (online) at Purl.  (I get into a lot of trouble just browsing like this)  Imagine, if you can, the gasp! and then the shriek! that was heard in these parts the moment I laid eyes on that fabric.  Is it possible to find a design better suited to our new-found love of old time music, our budding new skills in guitar playing, the line item of Square Dance on our To-Do list, to…to this mustache? Absolutely, unequivocally no. I ordered 3 1/2 yards.

+ When I received said fabric, I gasped again, feeling with my fingertips the buttery softness of the cotton weave.  What a tremendously wonderful weight and drape for a shirt…or a dress…or a whole family of shirts, dresses, vests.  I ran to my computer, my fingers barely keeping up with my desperation and I swooped in, ordering the remaining yardage (all 7 of them) in the cream colorway.  I threw in a couple of yards of the brown colorway as well, for good measure.  Look out, folks.  This family is going to be transformed into the Matchy-Matchy Square Dance Family as soon as this fabric crosses the magic threshold of my sewing machine.  Boy, oh, boy!  For real.

+ That bow-shaped curve detail on the back and the front pocket, which clearly indicates the Square Dance potential of this shirt, was a little sewing improvisation on my part.  I dug out some narrow ribbon in just the right color combination, formed it into an appropriately western curve, and sewed it on.

Is that all I have to say about the shirt, for now?  I think so.  I’m at this minute packing my project basket for a weekend sewing and crafting retreat, where all of the dreams and aspirations of this shirt will come to fruition.  Perhaps some other garments from the Matchy-Matchy line will also be born?  We’ll see.  My eyes are always bigger than my plate when I pack and plan for such a weekend.

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