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The rate of literacy is slowly climbing.

The rate of literacy is slowly climbing.
March 2, 2010 Mary Jo

Valentine’s Day brought with it the opportunity for Isadora to practice writing the names of her 21 classmates on each of the 21 handmade valentines she made in a two week period.  All of that writing and gluing and tape has blown the lid off of that girl’s creativity; nothing is safe from being transformed by her into art.  All paper becomes fodder for the pencil or scissors.  Anything at all could potentially be glued on to that paper.  Just yesterday I had to try to explain why the blocks (Errol’s) that she had glued to a picture she was working on were not fair game.   Simultaneously exasperated and impressed,  I sent her to wash them off while carefully concealing my Momma-pride.  That’s my girl, all right.

She’s turned into quite the little Mother Hen since donning the hat of Big Sister.  Putting her new creative skills to work, she stealthily moved her chair to the corner cabinet, took out a strip of paper and some tape, and wrote this little sign.  I found it taped above the rack of firewood in the kitchen.  Placed carefully at Errol-height, it was aimed directly at her brother and, I’m told, says “Off Limits.”

Gosh that’s good stuff.  We were sufficiently impressed, reacting with much encouragement and adoration, so she went back to her desk to pen the following note, written and sounded out entirely by herself.

She deftly taped this one above the dogs’ water dish; again it’s aimed at her little brother.  He’s taken a fancy to the newly-discovered watering hole and can traverse the entire room in 1 second flat to sneak past the guards and splash about.  And while her spelling had made significant progress, the sign has unfortunately fallen upon illiterate eyes.

But damn cute ones, if I may say so.

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