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We don our work gloves for the weekend.

We don our work gloves for the weekend.
March 26, 2010 Mary Jo

All kinds of works-in-progress dot our horizon.

Get a load of this plumage, Ladies!

Looming largest is the chick brooding house we shall build.  Just in time for the arrival of our 8o day-old chicks, the brooding house will keep them and their chicken dustiness contained for the 4-6 weeks it will take to grow their feathers. At that point, fully feathered, they head out to pasture to grow big and delicious.

So we’ll build that tomorrow, and finish it in time to head out for a nice dinner with friends.  Gramma and Grampa are secured as accomplices; they’re generously taking the kids for the weekend.  We’ve got no construction plans for the brooder, but Andrew has some know-how and experience building small, shack-like structures.  Hey – while we’re at it, I said, why don’t we make it a greenhouse/brooder house combo?  I’ve scored a bunch of free windows; we’ll simply add more windows to the 3 sides and one slope of the roof.  And then I can start some seedlings, saving us a boatload of money on garden plants.  Easy, right?  Cool – let’s do it.  Even from this rose-colored vantage point, brimming with optimism and a clear-ish vision, I recognize words like ‘simply’ and ‘easy’ as famous last words. Perhaps we’ll not finish it before dinner on Saturday after all.  Maybe by lunch on Sunday?  Stay tuned.

Already done is our second of 3 gardens.  This one Andrew planted with white clover seed, with the intention of grazing our broiler chickens on it intermittently.  Clover-finished chicken is, we hear, a delicacy unto itself.

Then there’s the seed garden, the third of 3 gardens, where I shall start my outdoor flower and herb seeds.  Maybe some fruit trees or bushes shall sashay in there as well; has provided me with some gregarious raspberry and blackberry bushes.  Perhaps we won’t get to this garden this weekend.

And finally, a project I predict we won’t even think about this weekend:  the sandbox.  Inspired by this dreamy play-scape, which I discovered through the genius of SewLiberated, it manifested a mere day or two after declaring to Daddio that The Boy requests a bigger sandbox, one sized for two children.  The declaration was made, accepted by Daddio, then promptly followed by a listing on Freecycle which offered these log rounds.  Daddio was quickly called off the case, opening up his project bandwidth to accommodate a brooder/greenhouse.  Handy, no?  We just need to cut a few more rounds, from smaller logs, secure them in the ground by burying the bottoms partially, then sand the tops a bit for a chubby-little-finger-friendly smooth surface.  I’ve also considered using some of the beeswax I have to lightly seal the tops.   But that’s a project for another day or weekend.

The Inspector and her assistant test the perimeter for structural integrity.

The Lovely Ladies and Gentlemen eagerly await the completion of what they hear will be a 5-star dust-bath spa.  We think otherwise and will no doubt be challenged in enforcing a strict No Chickens Allowed policy.

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