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On Friday we sold our TV.

On Friday we sold our TV.
March 29, 2010 Mary Jo

This is no real revelation; we’ve been without tv reception since January 2009.   Now that it’s official, that we actually do not own a television, I thought I’d check in with a report on how the year has gone.

We haven’t missed it in the least.  The time and space formerly occupied by tv was swiftly filled with music.  Listening to music, making music.  Though it’s not the piano music I envisioned in the Trimming the Fat post, we are now 6 guitars and 1 harmonica richer than a year ago.

And radio – there’s been lots and lots of radio.  I had wondered if it would be too quiet around here without a tv.   Not so in the least; public radio and local radio have provided the soundtrack to most days.  5:00 on Sunday nights has become a weekly ritual for us, marking the start of WPR’s Simply Folk program.  We drop whatever we’re doing, congregate in the kitchen and inevitably end up dancing in front of the wood stove, whirling around and around at the request of the fiddle or accordion.

I had wondered if I’d feel out of touch with news or current events without a tv.  What I’ve learned is that anything I deem to be newsworthy is covered by NPR news or our local newspaper.  Almost all of the crap is filtered out – the celebrity nonsense, the gratuitous crime news.  I can’t even begin to say how refreshing that is.

We still watch our favorite tv show online, usually from our bed.  We still pop a dvd into the laptop from time to time or stream something from Netflix, but always on our own terms, when we want.

Mostly though, without a tv, we have just been.  Taking control of the time we might have spent unsatisfied in front of the tv has afforded us more time to just be.  Talking, thinking, sharing, playing, laughing.

Forging our own reality.

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