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Gosh, chickens are handy for a photo shoot.

Gosh, chickens are handy for a photo shoot.
April 4, 2010 Mary Jo

I’ve just added a whole slew of new quilt kits to the Etsy shop, in a new series called Gravity.  Who better to help photograph the finished sample than Chuck Norris, Vinny the Guinea, and the Lovely Ladies? All this AND THEY LAY EGGS TOO? You betcha.

I’ve had such fun pulling from the nether regions of my wall o’ fabric to create these kits.  So many of these fabrics have been buried for so long.  The polka dots polka’d once they saw the light of day for the first time in months.  ‘Why, it’s spring!’ they rejoiced and gathered their flower neighbors onto the dance floor.

And the birch trees stre-t-c-h-e-d out their limbs towards the sky and thought about setting some buds.  Can I just say that I feel so clever and resourceful for recognizing the gem of these birches as they languished in the thrift shop?  They’re from an embroidery kit, circa 1976.  Oh, they had their shot to manifest in embroidery form, I reasoned, the sun having already  risen and set on the color palette of the embroidery yarn included.  But that linen, printed with the design, would make a smashing addition to a quilt, I thought.  And damn, I was right.

And this combination I’ve named Elsie, in honor of the one and only Elsie Marley.  Meg’s a friend that I see from time to time, mostly just to get a super-charged zap of inspiration.  I’ll never forget the time, shortly after meeting her, that she declared grey to be her favorite color.  ‘Grey’ I thought, very quietly in my head, ‘is NOT a color.’  I was, of course, deeply entrenched in my ‘more color is best’ phase, boasting kitchen walls the color of Daylily, set off by a cobalt blue ceiling.  (and we LOVED that kitchen)  Grey was not in my vocabulary.

But it started creeping into my peripheral vision.  A little here, a little there, I began to notice that grey was a color that did indeed exist.  Really, though?  Her favorite color?  She’s got pretty high design credibility in my book, but I just couldn’t fathom such a strong affinity to a non-color.  Then I noticed how it transforms pale yellow into a luminous, otherworldly hue when set side by side.  How it does this paired with other soft pastels as well.  And then I understood. It’s one of my go-to colors now, of course, so it’s no surprise grey has ended up as the linchpin in a quilt kit.  But I’ve got to give Meg her due and, since I’m fresh out of trophies, naming it after her will have to do.  Salute!

There are a few more kits listed in the shop, with a lot more on the way.  I also just acquired a die set that can cut hexagons for English Paper Piecing in the blink of an eye.  I’m putting together a plan to offer custom cutting for anyone else out there that gets bored after cutting five of these.  Let me know your thoughts on this if you think that might be of interest.  You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of the shop on the lower right hand corner to keep on top of new listings.

Stick around – Tuesday promises the much-anticipated (by me at least) follow-up to the Chicken Brooder / Greenhouse construction project.   Whoooooooeeeeeeee!

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