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Today the chicks grew combs.

Today the chicks grew combs.
April 29, 2010 Mary Jo

They are little ticking time bombs, exploding with growth nearly every day.  The reprieve we were granted after moving them out of the bathtub and into the growing house is about to expire.  They’ve already grown to fill the space and are almost fully feathered, which means it’s time to put them out to pasture, where they can get their fill of a fresh-daily salad bar.  It’s right on schedule, but we’ve still got the pen to construct.  I figure it should be a piece of cake to whip out a simple, Salatin-style pen with the construction of the much-more-involved growing/green house under our belt.  Right?  Sounds like I’m just asking for trouble, using phrases like ‘piece of cake’ and ‘whip out.’

Not much to look at anymore, are they?  That’s just fine; they are food, after all.  Delicious, soon-to-be-grassfed food.

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