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Meet the Girls!

Meet the Girls!
May 13, 2010 Mary Jo

It’s still Tuesday, right?  Ahem.  What a cold, rainy, grey, miserable week it has been.  Tuesday was spent entirely in pajamas, with no allowance for running outside and photographing said lambs.  Wednesday beckoned with a massive estate sale, so here we are on Thursday, ready to unveil the flock.  Finally.  Most of you were quite patient; thank you.  hee hee

Sylvia stands in front.  I think that from the moment I knew sheep were in the (imminent) future, I also knew that one of them would bear the name Sylvia.  And here she is.  Gloria stands in the back row, furthest on the left.  Isadora suggested the name, no doubt inspired by my Grandma, who’s memory has until this point been kept alive in pictures and stories.  Now she also lives on in sheep form, but I don’t think she’d mind.  Garnet stands beside Gloria.  She was the last to receive her name, which we arrived at together as a family, inspired in part by a Great-Aunt on Andrew’s side.  And furthest on the right is Irene.  I had a great-Aunt by the same name, but I think our real inspiration came in Tom Waits’ version of Good Night Irene.  I’m pretty sure we all envisioned ourselves singing lullabies to the sheep.

OH!  Did I mention that it was Kid’s Clothes Week?  Nope.  It was rather poor timing to start our flock of fiber sheep on the veritable eve of Kid’s Clothes Week, which I was super-excited to participate in.  But I still have kids and they still need clothes, so I’ll be posting my progress as it happens, in real-time.  I started with this little number, a polyester (ew) Men’s shirt, size Really Small, which I will be making even smaller to fit The Girl.  I’m photographing the steps as I go, but will likely be posting a How Not to Do It tutorial rather than the straight-up how-to.  Meet you back here tomorrow?  Hope so!


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