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Kids Clothes Week Start and Finish

Kids Clothes Week Start and Finish
May 14, 2010 Mary Jo

It wasn’t a week of powerhouse sewing for the kids, like I had hoped when I jumped aboard Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week sew-along.  But I did manage to transform this men’s shirt into a sweet dress for Isadora.



Nevermind any nonsense I might have uttered about a tutorial.  There was nothing about the process that would qualify me as expert enough to instruct anyone – you’ll have to figure it out as you go just like I did.  Project like these require lots of bravery and winging it.  First off, I had her try it on, marked where I wanted the side seams to be, marked a new hem, and then set about making those two changes.  After trying it on again, I realized that I should have never cut the hem in the first place – it was now way too short, so I ended up sewing it back on, but added some piping and a bit of gathering.  So it was a happy accident.  Taking in the shoulders allowed me to create a ruffle on both sides, which fulfilled her ‘Princess’ requirement.  I got rid of the pointy ’70s collar and attached binding to seal up the raw edges – love how that turned out.  And I was struck by how simply changing out buttons made a dramatic change for the better.  The top button is the one I switched out; the bottom button was the original.  (I switched out all of the buttons – just showed the two here for comparison)

Isn’t this a great print?  Deer frolicking in birches is always a good fashion move.  All in all, I’m happy with how it turned out, though there are many things I’d do differently.  Hopefully I can retain some of that experience in my next reconstruction project.  For now, though, The Girl has another summer dress, which takes an infinitesimal bit of pressure off of the looming laundry crisis.

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