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We gardeners three

We gardeners three
May 21, 2010 Mary Jo

We’re beginning our third summer here on Five Green Acres, and I’m slowly getting a feel for how to tackle the summer landscaping.  It helps that I have such willing and capable hands to assist.

It also helps that I scored a mass of quirky-cool containers to house Grandma’s geraniums which have bloomed happily inside all winter.  They should get along nicely with some fresh, new begonias we picked up.

Three sets of eager hands helped tuck the plants into their new vessels and now our front walk is an explosion of blooming enamelware and coffee percolators.  It’s hard to create a grouping like this, bursting with different colors and textures, without making it look like a junk heap of discarded kitchenware.  I’m hoping that the geraniums, all the same luminous peachy-pink color will be enough of a unifying element to pull off the whole arrangement as clever.  I don’t think I’ll know if I pulled it off until the bloomers have had some time to fill out their new pots.  Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, we’re digging in and reveling in the visceral pleasure of dirt, worms, and squishy, thick mud.  But the very  best part of all may be in washing it all off.

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