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We break for this Digging In the Dirt interruption.

We break for this Digging In the Dirt interruption.
June 30, 2010 Mary Jo

Well I sure didn’t mean to be gone for so long.  It’s that time of year, right?  When everything is crazy outside and things are neglected inside and some nights are spent with sand between the toes and dirt permanently wedged between the fingernails.  Ah, sweet summer.  I really can’t get over how *smitten* I am this year with all things garden.  Every spare moment I have is spent pulling a weed here, tucking in an irresistible perennial there, realizing that I never once considered how the front walk looks at first approach.  Alarm! There are still seeds to plant, seeds that I bought today in a “OH! WE NEED SOME SUNFLOWERS!” moment.  Disaster narrowly averted with the tossing of no less than five different varieties in the shopping cart.

Remember when I used to sew?  Still do, but just haven’t had a chance to report back.  I just made a fab-o picnic-set-as-wedding-gift that I neglected to photograph, perhaps because we were putting the finishing touches on it minutes before the wedding. And there’s a tour of my freshly-organized studio in the works, but after I clean up the aftermath of the Picnic Blanket construction.  Sewn frantically during the Waking Hours (of the kids, that is) I resorted to making a deal with the devil, as it were, and lowered the standards of how the Boy and the Girl were allowed to amuse themselves in my studio.  The Boy prefers the magnetic pincushion and pins and you know, he’s pretty careful with them, not even poking himself and screaming like I feared.  The Girl is in a big Tying phase right now.  All over the house are caches of ribbons tied around things, tied like leashes or connectors or even as a fishing line, attached to the end of her bed.  If I can find my camera, and if I can manage to take photos without caking the buttons with soil, I will, because you’ve gotta see this.

Not much cooking going on around here.  I bought bread from the store the other day, because homemade bread is best made with forethought and clean hands, which I can’t manage much of these days.  I’m reminded, though, of how wonderful it is to live off homemade bread, so I whipped up another batch of dough.

The chicks are growing and approaching the butchering day shortly.  In the meantime, they’re gobbling up anything that passes through the openings of that chicken wire, well-meaning fingers and ankles not exempted.  I will not shed a tear come butchering day.  Those birds are fierce.

The sheep are well.  Andrew has become their favorite, I think, and picks them up regularly, cradling them like babies.  I told Isadora just tonight that Irene was now Daddy’s best girl.  We giggled.

Long story short, we’re all doing great and drinking up the summer like a pitcher of my new favorite drink – Heineken and Lemonade.  Life on Five Green Acres is rolling along, at that breakneck speed Summer excels at.  I’m not quite ready to come back as your star reporter, though.  Not quite.  I think I need to take another week or so and get all of these ducks (and sheep and chickens and kids) in a row because when I come back, I want the posts to be unfailingly regular.  And balanced, crossing the spectrum of our myriad of interests and activities.  Five Green Acres is not a Mommy blog, or a Craft blog, or a Farm blog, or a Green blog, but all of these things at once and I want to be a bit more balanced on how that all comes through.  For that matter, I’d like to be a bit more balanced in how it all is lived.  So there are a few changes I’m looking to make, and a new time for blogging to carve out of the schedule, but I haven’t quite nailed it all down yet.

I’d love it if you’d come back soon, though, because it promises to be better than ever.


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