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We made it to the Fair, but just barely.

We made it to the Fair, but just barely.
July 28, 2010 Mary Jo

Last week Tuesday I sat down at the computer with a cuppa joe, taking a little break from my busyness.  Things are actually in pretty good shape, I thought to myself.  I was preparing for a lovely week up north at Mom & Dad’s cottage – some time for the kids and I to kick back, take a swim, go for a walk, find some time with my sewing machine…you know.  And the laundry was pretty well reined in, the house was not even trashed, and I had a handle on the few things I needed to tie up before setting off.  I sipped my coffee while cycling through the daily lists of blogs that I visit, and landed upon the LuSa Organics blog Clean .  She was offering some tickets to the upcoming Kickapoo Country Fair.  Upcoming as in that weekend‘NO IT ISN’T – it’s NEXT weekend!’ I shrieked at my screen.  A cold sweat enveloped me and I felt as if I were sucked into a dream – that one where you show up to school naked, having somehow forgotten to get dressed.  We had been looking forward to the Fair for many months now – some good friends had taken care of all of the details, securing campsites for our two families at a nearby state park.  There was no way we were going to miss it.  I frantically searched my inbox for that one email detailing the precise weekend of the Fair.  Curse you, purge-happy email deleter!  I ran to my phone, getting said friend on the line and tried to act nonchalant as she answered but, skipping all courtesy conversation formalities, cut to the chase and blurted out ‘When are we camping and going to the fair – this weekend or next?’ ‘This weekend’ she said.  Damn.  I had put it on the calendar for next.  Damn, damn, damn.

So some plans were shuffled around.  I made a call to Andrew, declaring myself Official Idiot.  He was gracious and flexible.  Up North time was cut short and Friday was spent mostly traversing the state from North to Home to West.  Can you imagine where this story is headed?  Can you see from this vantage point (like we were unable to) that sometimes lots of vacation crammed into a teeny-tiny pocket of time is actually too much?

Nonetheless, we made it.  We set up camp Friday night, woefully noting some key camping necessities missed in the hasty packing.  Next week was when I had planned on pulling out the camping gear and organizing it for the upcoming trip.  We hunkered down for the night, sheltered from the all-night heavy rain and thunderstorms, and I spent Night Three of consecutive sleeplessness due to The Boy, at that moment cutting some shiny new teeth.

The Fair on Saturday was an oasis – so many great things for the kids to see and do and eat.  I managed to catch a talk about extending the garden season with a napping boy strapped to my chest.  I got to see in person the spinning wheel I’ve been coveting from afar.  Why I didn’t unstrap that boy and take up her offer to try it, I don’t know.  But I’m kicking myself now.  We even got to rest our feet for a bit to enjoy the sounds of The Squeezettes, a mostly-female accordion band.

All day Saturday we Faired and fared well.  That night, The Boy woke up three times.  We returned to the fair on Sunday for the delicious Organic Valley breakfast, but as it turned out, even the creamiest of biscuits and gravy were no match for four straight nights of sleep deprivation.  If you were there, you may remember me as the epically crabby Momma hollering at her daughter that Sunday morning.  She only deserved most of it.  So about 15 minutes after leaving the breakfast tent, I called it.  ‘That’s it.  I’m done.  Let’s go.’  Which was fortunate, allowing us to leave with a tiny shred of grace, before exploding with sleepy frustration and crabbiness in front of our dear friends.  Arriving home was only a slight consolation – it wasn’t until the next morning, after a remarkably decent night of sleep, that I could look into the mirror and recognize my old self again.

So regrets and apologies abound for a less than ideal experience.  Said friends are still on speaking terms with us, for which I am truly grateful.  The lucid time we spent there was really fun!  And double thanks to Rachel at Clean for alerting me to my calendar faux pas, because missing it altogether would have be much, much worse.  I’ve since checked and rechecked the remaining events for accuracy.  Now – head over to Rachel’s account of the fair and giggle at our similar photos.  Looks like Sunday was every bit as fun as Saturday.

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