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Another year, another Sugar Maple

Another year, another Sugar Maple
August 17, 2010 Mary Jo

Howdy, Pardner!  Another Sugar Maple Music Festival has come and gone, if you can believe it. (I can’t.)  It’s a little bit like Christmas around here, with the excitement of the upcoming event, the anticipation, the planning.  I had planned to fashion a whole Von Trapp Family ensemble of newly-sewn, matchy-matchy clothes for the whole family, but couldn’t muster the time.  Alas, only The Boy and The Girl made the cut before the buzzer rang.  The dress shown above is the Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress pattern that I sewed up from a yard of cowgirl fabric and a vintage bed sheet.  Moments after it left my sewing table, it was paired with the cowgirl boots and hat seen here, pulled straight from the dress-up bin.  And how gratifying – Isadora completed the ensemble without the slightest provocation from me.  It may be noted that the boots are a handful of sizes too big, like you would expect from those pulled from a dress-up bin.

Not to be left out, The Boy also sported a Momma original.  His was more of a dramatic finish, inspired by a particularly good cup of coffee the morning of the event and a bowl full of can-do.  No doubt I had that crazy look in my eye as I announced to Andrew, out of the blue, that I was going to sew a shirt for Errol before we left.  I think the caliber of man Mr. Andrew is speaks for itself, as he graciously stepped aside, prepared all the picnic food and drink, and didn’t once complain that we were late.  But The Boy did get his new shirt.  You may notice that it, too, is a few sizes too big, but would you really expect me to make something this good to last only through the rest of the summer?  Exactly.  It was well received. And the snap press was properly exercised, lest it get rusty, bedazzling both outfits with shiny new pearl snaps.

Oh, there was dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing.  This year though, Captain Daddio had some serious competition in securing his daughter’s hand for a dance, with two little Misters vying for the chance to dance.  There’s a short clip of it all going down in this video shot by WPR, about 1 1/2 minutes in.

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