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Fall merriment in the country

Fall merriment in the country
October 11, 2010 Mary Jo

Since about the time I graduated from Sassy magazine to Martha Stewart Living, I’ve held in my mind a fantasy of holding a dinner party outdoors.  I fixated mostly on the requirement for mason jar votive candles, illuminating a beautifully-decorated dining table nestled beneath a canopy of branches.  It would be a lie to say I did not consider backyard dinner party tree potential when searching for the perfect home, and that such potential was not noted when deciding on this particular home.

Consider it a fantasy met and exceeded.  Saturday evening found us surrounded by some of our very best friends, cloaked in the exceptionally warm October evening, dining and sipping and dancing.  Square dancing, of course.  Our conversations were marked by side-splitting belly laughter and a staccato rhythm of leaves falling all around us. The food was good, the company even better. And then Zip Wilson arrived to call our dances. I think even he’d agree that we’re all pretty damn good square dancers.


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