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Twenty-odd days late and a dollar short

Twenty-odd days late and a dollar short
November 23, 2010 Mary Jo

I promised you a look at that Halloween tablecloth I was making, didn’t I?  Sometimes, making promises that become informal deadlines is just the impetus I need to put the finishing touches on a lingering project.  But more often than not, it seems, those promises blows up in my face and I end up missing the mark by a long shot.  Which was precisely the case with this tablecloth.

Months ago, I gobbled up this yard from the Alexander Henry Ghastlies line before it quickly sold out.  What to do with it?  What do you make with big-repeat Halloween fabric? “Tablecloth” was all I could come up with. Then I spotted thisSpider Web Table Runner and an idea was born.  That idea made the confident transition from brainstorm to actual plan when I came upon a giant square of felt with the entire middle cut out, leaving only the perimeter.  (Found it thrifting, of course)  A little piecing here, some free motion stitching there, the backing of a perfectly-matched grey shirt, and voila!  I almost finished it in time for Halloween, too, but not quite.

Having met myself before, I knew there was a distinct risk of missing the Halloween deadline and banishing the project to the Pit of Unfinished Despair until next year, thus clogging up my studio even more.  To prevent against this, I thought I’d trick myself into finishing it.  I’d make a reversible tablecloth, with a little Thanksgiving festiveness on the other side – then I’d surely be motivated to stay the course and finish it, right?  Ahem.  You may or may not have noticed the binding of the tablecloth flapping in the wind in the photos above.  With only half of the hand-sewn perimeter left to sew, I got waylaid by a chorus of other, shinier projects.  So it sat, festering on my couch, forlorn and half-finished, until my Aunt, that wizard of hand-sewn bindings (for real!) swooped in and saved it from the aforementioned Pit.  She’s working on it now, and I should get it back in time to marvel at its greatness, carefully fold it up, and pack it away for next year’s Halloween/Thanksgiving fun.  It’s not exactly the ending I was envisioning, but it’s a far better outcome than The Pit.

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