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I’ll bet you’ve never heard of a Horizon Stick.

I’ll bet you’ve never heard of a Horizon Stick.
November 29, 2010 Mary Jo

So much thought goes into this experiment called Parenting.  So much careful deliberation, mindfulness, and intention are aimed at the target of the Children, with the closely-held belief that it will work, that we can indeed impart some of these values and ideas and ways of seeing the world to our children.  But it’s a crap shoot, really, a sometimes exhausting exercise in filling their plates with an array of goodness in the hopes that some of it will stick.  Sometimes some of it actually does.

“This is a Horizon Stick,” Isadora informed us as we sat down to dinner one night.  “We each have to say what we’re thankful for and then blow those Thankful Things into the Horizon Stick.  I’ll go first.”  Andrew and I looked at each other with puzzlement.  Your idea? we asked with our eyes. No, we each responded in kind. This one was pure Isadora.  No doubt born of the season of the cornucopia, of Pilgrim talk and Thanksgiving, as well as our penchant for do-it-yourself seasonal family ritualmaking, she concocted the whole thing herself.  My heart broke out into a giant grin.

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