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Not-to-be-Missed Gift Idea

Not-to-be-Missed Gift Idea
December 17, 2010 Mary Jo

Land’s End Faux Fur Tails come with a free winter jacket!

Did you know?!?

My children tell me they’re meerkat tails. (we’re big fans of the more-obscure animals)  Whatever the case may be, they’re the perfect addition to your dress-up collection.  And, they come with a free winter jacket.  Imagine!  Clever presentation too, for when they arrive, each tail is securely zipped to the hood of the jacket.  A quick unzip by nimble little hands and the tail is set free and ready for play.  We opted for the matching Mother/Daughter jackets tails and couldn’t be more satisfied. High five, you clever Land’s End folks!



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