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Dusk amidst the thaw

Dusk amidst the thaw
January 3, 2011 Mary Jo

It was a steamy end to 2010. We found ourselves amidst an uncharacteristic warming on the last days of the year; the mercury soared as the snow melted and the sweat of the earth filled the atmosphere, thickening the air.  It cast the most amazing light.  Dusk brought with it a study of uplit subtlety as the setting sun cast an eerie light upon the landscape.  It was a sunset not confined to the sky but rather seemed to emanate from the pores of everything in sight.  We witnessed first an otherworldly shade of yellow-orange which stopped us in our tracks, stopped whatever everyday activity we were engaged in and brought us first to the windows and then outside, mouths agape.  Slowly, evenly, almost imperceptibly, the hue morphed into the softest shade of lavender imaginable.  It felt like velvet.  Just as slowly, the lavender gave way to a steely grey, soft and cool, and began the gentle descent into darkness.


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