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Sorry, can’t. Busy knitting.

Sorry, can’t. Busy knitting.
January 5, 2011 Mary Jo

Not going to blather on and on today about knitting and how it’s completely and utterly consumed me lately.  Not going to talk about how my sewing machine sits lonely and eerily-still in a desolate studio not unlike a ghost town.  (cue the tumbleweed and whistly Wild West Ghost Town melody)  Have no time to explain how lucky I am that I didn’t burn up my sewing machine motor in all the pre-Christmas frenzy but that I did burn up my sewing wherewithal, at least for the moment. Can’t even be bothered to show you or mention in any context greater than this those things which I sewed.  I’m busy knitting.  Busy, busy, busy.  Crazy busy.  Or at least crazy.  Must. Knit. Or. Bust.

Maybe if I told you that I spent all Pre-Christmas at my sewing table looking longingly at this (above) yarn, you’d understand how it all started.  How, after Christmas, with a half-dozen other unfinished projects on the needles, I tore open the bag of this yarn and devoured it.  And how I haven’t been able to put it down for more than a fleeting interruption.  Would you understand it all then?  We’ll never know, I guess, because I’m too busy knitting and can’t take the time to tell you.  What’s for dinner?  Knitting.  What can I wear to work/school/farm chores?  Don’t know – knitting.  Where is the ____?  Beats me.  Knitting.  Can I meet you for dinner?  Sure – I’ll bring my knitting.  Get it?  Good, because I’m not nearly done yet.  It’s cold outside, but I’m afraid it won’t be cold enough for nearly long enough to get all this done.  I’m trying to build myself a new, Got No Baby in Here! wardrobe.  The kids are embarrassingly under-dressed for outdoor playing.  Still have some gifts to finish.  And I need those hats to cover up this bad hair day.  Gotta go knit.  While I’m gone, please amuse yourselves with this show-and-tell.  Best viewed with crazy-fast-tempo music or Gary Glitter or some other amped-up soundtrack.

I’ve been concocting this very outfit since I bought the yarn in mid-November.  (not shown are the calf-high peacock blue leather boots I scored with some Christmas money)  If you missed the ensemble’s debut last night, you’ll have an opportunity to see it in person this Saturday night, next Tuesday, and for every single outing I attend in the next two months.

Made this for The Girl.  Maybe I will line it with a cut-up cashmere sweater like I planned, if I can find my sewing machine ever again.  Maybe not – it’s hard to get it off her head.  She finds it especially useful when rollerskating in the house – a pro forma helmet of sorts.

Made one for The Boy too, but haven’t made my way to adding the ties.  He only just let me put it on him this very moment of photographing, after an aborted attempt that left me resolved to photograph it on the pug.  If it’s good enough for Lucy, it’s good enough for me must be his logic.  I’ll take it.

Sweet, stash-busting Pixie hat for our brand-new niece.  Thank goodness Christmas was rescheduled to this weekend (due to widespread vomiting) because I’ve been too enamored with the above mustard yarn and its corresponding cardigan to buckle down and whip this out.

Not pictured:  a hat, another hat, fancy wrap, owlet sweater, and a dozen other things I plan on casting-on in the next 10 minutes.

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