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Roller skating (and Rumpelstiltskin Challenge Report)

Roller skating (and Rumpelstiltskin Challenge Report)
February 4, 2011 Mary Jo

Isadora received a pair of gently-used roller skates last year.  It was one of those oh-crap-it’s-almost-her-birthday-what-are-we-going-to-get-her?! type scenarios, and I had just scored these at the Half-Pint semi-annual resale event, which is held, coincidentally, on the birthday weekends of both of my children.  She immediately put them on and started skating around our kitchen and living room.  When buying this house we did, of course, note the fantastic skating potential of the (scuffed) hardwood floors and the continuous loop one could skate throughout the first floor.  Of course we did.

Since then, we’ve turned a blind eye to conventional floor stewardship and given her (almost) free reign to skate.  Now we sit in amazement at the grace with which she turns (without holding on to anything! she points out) and moves about as if she’s been born on skates, and as if she’s not skating around a space otherwise used for eating and sitting and living, with roadblocks at nearly every turn.

It is in this spirit and also in the spirit of February’s Red theme for the Rumpelstiltskin Challenge that I upped the ante and added a red skate applique and matching trim to a skirt that I planned only to resize to fit the budding skater.  It is a vintage-ish wool skirt (warm, warm, warm for the girl who would rather never wear pants at all) that I picked up in some thrifting adventure some time ago.


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