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Early thaw means Knit Like The Wind!

Early thaw means Knit Like The Wind!
February 16, 2011 Mary Jo

I totally freaked out.  I think I may have been the only person in the Northern Hemisphere to react in this manner to our present thaw.  Sunday saw the thermometer spike somewhere in the 50s.  Monday was slightly cooler, very windy, but still well above freezing, as was yesterday.  Today will be warmer yet, with temps looking to shoot even higher tomorrow.  Instead of rejoicing like every other individual residing in a 5- zipcode, I felt the cold sweat of panic set in.  Spring, already?  I’m NOT READY!

To fully understand just how ridiculous this all is, I should mention that I spent the entire weekend trudging through nearly 2 feet of snow.  Literally trudging, I mean, the kind that requires boots and a change of pants and socks upon exiting the snow.  I had flown the coop for some Northwoods fresh air and solitude and was greeted by mountains of unplowed snow blocking the path from my car to the cottage.  It was a true wilderness adventure – rustic and amidst-the-elements and all that, at least until I made it to the back door and into the welcoming arms of modern conveniences like heat and electricity.

Of course Spring is not here – it’s all just a false alarm, but the panic hit nonetheless.  Reading on Monday that SouleMama had already ordered their chicks and bees (we’re jumping in this year and getting bees too!) I felt (irrationally) that I had completely missed the boat.  More than anything else, though, was the panic I felt about running out of time to knit.   I had no less than 3 cardigans in the works, one almost completed (now done – see pic above!), an overdue scarf-as-birthday-present which was growing more obsolete by the second (also done – top pic!) and an otherwise stuffed knitting bag full of projects that require cold temps to justify their existence.  Not to mention that knitting will be the furthest thing from my mind once the ground becomes workable and the lambs start popping out of their wooly enclosures.  SLOW DOWN SPRING!

I could be shot for saying something so ridiculous in this clime.  I know it.  And I, too, love Spring and the excitement of hearing the birds resume their chatter.  (except for that infernal crow out there right now- can it, Squawky!) They are a surprise to me every time – winter makes me forget how integral they are to my soundtrack.  I love the paradigms of New Life and Fresh & Clean and Emergence.  (though I’m learning that Spring in the barnyard has nothing to do with CLEAN and everything to do with MUD)  But I love Winter too – I have not yet gotten my fill of the sleepy quiet, the slow, the easy-does-it planning and dreaming and hibernating in the dark.  You’re on deck, Spring, and that’s great, but you need to wait. your. turn.

I'm starting to look a bit rough, eh?

All this furious, panic-stricken knitting has heave-ho’d a few things out of the nest and off into the world…of my shoulders and head, mostly. And now, if you’ll permit me….I would have finished this hat already if I hadn’t forced myself to sit down and type all this out.  Good day.


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