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How to catch a Leprechaun

How to catch a Leprechaun
March 22, 2011 Mary Jo

You may have thought that the passing of St. Patrick’s Day meant the retreat of the Leprechauns into the shadows until next year’s event.  You’d be wrong.  Just because we’ve forgotten about them does not mean they’ve forgotten about us – they’re still out there, all right, busy as ever with their trickery and mischief-making.  We can file this post as a Public Service Announcement.

Ah, I just love how having a Girl in school has transformed the otherwise secondary and unassuming minor holidays into…far less secondary, minor holidays.  On St. Patrick’s Day this year, she marched off the bus wearing a green paper crown bedecked with shamrocks and green elf ears.  With a single-minded focus she went straight to her room, changed out of her green and blue dress, put on green corduroy pants, a bright red undershirt, and began desperately searching for her kelly green cardigan to complete her festive ensemble.  Her growing panic, mixed with the sheer exhaustion of a girl who’s worked hard in school all day, quickly turned into crisis.  It didn’t help that I was also trying to get her to tidy her room.  And then, when I tried explaining how she probably couldn’t find the cardigan because she hadn’t taken care of it and probably lost it, she exploded with 5-yr-old rage and frustration.  “I DID NOT LOSE IT!  Someone took it – either Errol or a Leprechaun!”  How could I possibly keep from bursting out in laughter – the loud, rolling, belly kind?  That didn’t help.  Lucky for me, I was able to track down the cardigan and smooth things over.  We mused that Errol probably is himself a Leprechaun – how could we have missed it?  He’s short, mischievous, always wears green, has a red beard…

Whoever the culprit was, she wasted no time setting up this Leprechaun trap on her bedside table.  From this we can tell that Leprechauns are small enough to fit into a coffee mug, heavy enough to fall through the kleenex stretched over the top, and most importantly, lured in by priceless jewelry – glow-in-the-dark and otherwise.

She hasn’t caught anything yet, but I have a feeling she might soon.

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