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Spring has cold-cocked me between the eyes.

Spring has cold-cocked me between the eyes.
March 30, 2011 Mary Jo

There is so much to report, my friends.  The Chicks are here, and came in with a fury.  I’m still trying to peel myself off the ceiling.  Can you tell there’s a story here, a good one?  No lambs yet, but Sylvia was pawing at the ground moments ago, a reputed in-labor tic that made my heart jump up into my throat while I literally waited for her to drop a lamb then and there.  She must find my naivete and inexperience to be gloriously amusing.  Or irritating.  Hope it’s the former.

I’m going to return to peeling myself off the ceiling now, and also maybe squeeze in some Chicken Tikka Masala for lunch.  I hope to return here soon with a clear head and all the latest news.

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