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It’s Friday AND it’s GREEN.

It’s Friday AND it’s GREEN.
April 15, 2011 Mary Jo

Mostly green, that is, with some polka dots thrown in for good measure.

Welcome to the “Yes-I-Actually-Am-Still-Abiding-By-The-Rules-Of-That-Challenge-I-Created-Even-If-I-Can’t-Be-Counted-Upon-To-Report-On-It-All-Faithfully” edition of The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge Report.  April’s challenge theme, as I mentioned earlier, is Green, and not by coincidence either.  For months and months I’ve been working diligently and not so diligently on putting together a pattern for the basket I’ve repeatedly crocheted from strips of fabric, or rag balls.  (seems I never did show you the one I made for The Boy – there it is below, grey and yellow in the background)

It is timely to put out such a pattern, as the baskets happen to serve as our Easter baskets, but the pattern is actually much more robust than that, breaking down the components of the round crocheted form so that you can tailor the pattern to your own needs – flat, like a rug or chair pad, or vessel, like the basket.

All of the testing, bug-eliminating, trial and error, photographing, and pattern creation has been done.  I just need to put it all together in a handy printable PDF, which will be for sale on both Etsy and Ravelry.  The ETA all depends on Witchard.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for smooth sailing and will keep you posted.

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