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Rag Rug / Basket Crochet Pattern PDF. Crochet with Fabric!

Rag Rug / Basket Crochet Pattern PDF. Crochet with Fabric!
April 18, 2011 Mary Jo

Pattern available here.

This is so much more than a pattern – it’s a technique, deconstructed. Once you’ve made the basket from the workshop pattern, you’ll have mastered all of the components necessary to design your own round shaped object – be it a basket of any size, storage bins, a chair pad, potholder, pillow, or rug.

Baby (sold separately) not shown to scale. Currently, he’s 2.

Yes, I said rug.  Like this one, if you like.  Same principles involved, and a detailed explanation is included inside.


In this Workshop Pattern:
The Pattern: Simple Basket with Handles
Step by Step Detailed Instructions, complete with photos
The Method: Breakdown of the crochet components
Cutting continuous fabric strips: detailed instructions

Crochet is exceedingly fast.  Use fat strips of fabric and a giant hook and you can whip out a basket in an hour or two.  There’s still time for an Easter basket or two!

Crocheting fabric instead of yarn opens up all kinds of design possibilities not found with traditional yarn.  Like polka dots. It’s also an especially good use for otherwise flawed fabric. It’s a skill every Maker should have.

This is so easy. You need not know how to crochet to follow these simple instructions. That said, if you’ve never crocheted before, you may need to supplement this pattern with a quick video tutorial of how to hold the yarn, use the hook, and do Single Crochet.  Don’t let that stop you – great video tutorials of these basics abound! All other techniques are spelled out fairly well within the following detailed instructions.  If you DO already have the basics down, you’ll still find the pattern of great use.

You can find the PDF here in my shop.  It’s downloaded immediately after purchase.

On Ravelry? You can find it here.

As always, email support is provided with any Five Green Acres pattern.  I’ve scoured it for coherency and tried to eliminate any errors, but I’m at the ready to assist and correct if anything’s slipped through the cracks.  Don’t be shy!

And don’t forget to show us what you’ve made!  Post your pics to the Five Green Acres flickr group:

Thanks for supporting this small business!  It’s so satisfying to put together a robust tutorial like this, one that I hope will empower you to design exactly what you want.

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