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The 15-minute May Basket

The 15-minute May Basket
April 28, 2011 Mary Jo

A clever, if not timely variation on my Fabric Crochet Workshop – In the Round pattern.  15-minutes is a rough estimate of how long it would take a normal person to crochet one of these little sweeties.  I say rough because I rounded up.  Surely you could whip out a whole barrel of these in no time.  For my part, I hope to make said barrel and round up my little accomplices to distribute them secretly on Sunday as part of our family May Day celebration.  Well, as secretly as one with a blog, whose friends also read said blog can do.  Ahem.

Perfectly sized to hang on an unsuspecting friend's doorknob!

Perfectly sized to hang on an unsuspecting friend’s doorknob!

Some minor details are found on my Ravelry project page here.

So this is really the *before* shot.  I hope to have lots of *after* and *in-progress-sneakiness* shots to share next week.  (insert impish wink here)

Edit: Yep!  Here’s the *after.*

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