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The May Queen and Her Trail of Flowers

The May Queen and Her Trail of Flowers
May 2, 2011 Mary Jo

In a simple ceremony punctuated with hoots and hollers, we crowned our May Queen early last evening. She stepped into her role with grace, sweetness, a red velour cape, a bedazzled “tiara” headband, and as such, she was well-outfitted to bear the small clutch of May Baskets.

The only flowers in bloom were already picked days ago, so we opted to include the ‘grow your own’ kind in the baskets.  Zinnia seedlings were carefully tucked into school-issue milk cartons decorated by the May Queen herself.  A handwritten Happy May Day note was also tucked into the small basket.  Of the batch of 6, about half of them were signed by Isadora before we were able to explain that they were supposed to be surprise baskets, from the recipient’s “secret friends.”

At each house, she deposited the basket, rang the doorbell, and ran like the dickens.  Even with the logistics of getting in and out of a carseat, she managed to be pretty darn stealth.   It was like Halloween, in reverse, with an element of sneakiness. 

It was exhilarating for all of us, except for Errol, who wanted so much to be able to do some running himself.  Next year, maybe.

And with that we’ve added a new family tradition, a new holiday to the roster.  A belated Happy May Day to you all!

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