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Stepping out of a vat of molasses

Stepping out of a vat of molasses
May 13, 2011 Mary Jo

Have you ever felt like this?  That there’s so much to do, so much to talk about, so much going on that in fact, it’s all too much to process at the moment?  Perhaps you freeze up for a day or two and sit at your spinning wheel with your head and hands and ears tucked into a bag of fluffy unspun wool while it all spins madly out of control?

It’s not so unlike wading waist deep through a vat of molasses, if you can imagine such a thing.  Rather hard to move when you’re enveloped in a thick sticky mess of everything, but I’ve just now managed to pull my legs loose.  And now that I’m free, albeit sticky, I’m able to unleash upon you all of the things that I’ve been meaning to share, but that had gotten mired in the mess of This Week.  Hold on – I’m going to fling these out at full speed.


I did do some more sewing.  Made this lovely nightgown for The Girl, which you may remember as quite similar to one that appeared in a flurry of sewing last year.  I used the same pattern, same size even, and this year it fits perfectly.  Two more are waiting to have the edges hemmed (boring, boring edge finishing!) and will then make the trek to the floor of Isadora’s bedroom, where all clothing ends up.

+ Farmer’s Market

Saturday marked our first foray in the Market world.  I didn’t quite know what to expect but was pleased with how it all panned out, even if I forgot the camera’s memory card to record all the pics I meant to take.  Looking forward to tomorrow, which I anticipate being better yet, despite the rain and cool temps which threaten to plague us.

+ Speaking of rain, it seems as if a new Law of Nature has been passed:  Hail shall accompany all thunderstorms.  If you thought golf-ball-size was big, you’ll love the new tennis- and softball-size-hail just added this year!  Since when did all weather become EPIC?  (P.S. Look busy – Jesus is coming.)

+  Yesterday the magic of rummage sales brought us some dinosaurs.  We are now rich with them – so much so that I needed to find a bag to to put them all in.  Errol asks – where have these been my whole life? and didn’t put them down all day.  They’ve been in the kiddie pool, the garden, been smothered with kisses, romped about in shopping carts, and now lay momentarily forgotten.  I hope the allure of Shiny New Toy! hasn’t worn off just yet.

+ And look at this budding book lover.  Now THAT makes my heart smile.  He’s wedged himself between the refrigerator and the dog kennel, a spot not previously known for its reading hospitality.

I think that’s all for now.  There’s more rain (and no doubt hail) in the forecast, so maybe my sewing machine will get some more attention today.  I’m also considering some prototypes for clothing that doesn’t require folding.  Seems we have a pretty big bottleneck around here at the folding stage of the laundry cycle.  Blah.

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