Five Green Acres Mary Jo + Andrew Borchardt Poynette, WI
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You will find me wrist-deep in soil.

You will find me wrist-deep in soil.
May 20, 2011 Mary Jo

Thank you all so much for the outpouring of Irene love.  She was a good ewe and will not be forgotten in these parts.

I feel, however, as if a great grey cloud has finally passed over, both metaphorically and meteorologically speaking.  Gone is the crushing burden of worry and helplessness.  Gone too, at least for today, is the cold grey Perpetual March weather that seemed to be playing on a loop, over and over and over again.  Today, with sun shining and birds trying to snag husbands and wives with their sweetest songs, it’s not out of the question to bare a little skin.  It might even be a little…warm.

So I’m off – to dig and weed and cultivate and transplant and otherwise immerse myself in the soil of the Acres.  Witchard willing, of course.  Captain Daddio has taken the day off of work to give the saw and cordless drill a workout – a subdivision is going up in our pasture.  One condo built last year, one almost finished; 15o white feathered neighbors have joined the 7 wooly tenants, faster than we can provide housing.  Another small shanty is in the works too – a bunch of them have volunteered on as farm hands to work the gardens for me – wait till you see that!

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