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things I just found outside

things I just found outside
June 3, 2011 Mary Jo

This one gets filed under NEAT!  Looks like a black walnut, sprouted into a little tree with big ideas.  I was struck when looking at this, how nature really does repeat the same forms throughout her designs.

And this gets filed in a brand-new category, one I’ll call What the..?.  It’s a tail.  I found it on the front lawn.  There was nothing else attached to it, but here are some possibly-related facts.  The Cats have been running with a shady host of characters these days.  The following “artifacts” have been found in or around the cat area and may be clues:

1. A dead hummingbird, no doubt the one I was enjoying for 3 straight days a few weeks ago.  Jerks!

2. The bottom half of a frog.  Wait – isn’t that the good part of a frog?  Why would you only eat the top?  Stupid.

3.  A shrieking grey squirrel, seen in and around the mouths of said cats.  It was smallish for a grey squirrel, but still.  They caught a squirrel.  It was left for dead on the lawn after the two tired of playing with it.  Again, jerks!

So the origins of the tail remain a mystery, but I’ll bet it has something to do with a Mr. Cat Stevens and a Ms. Ruby Annabel B.

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