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We are short one kindergartener.

We are short one kindergartener.
June 13, 2011 Mary Jo

Last week we walked our kindergartener up the driveway for her last bus ride.

We met her again later in the morning and before our very eyes, she disappeared.

In her spot a first grader appeared.  The changes between the two were undetectable to the naked eye, but a subtle change in confidence and poise could be felt on a subconscious level.

It was the first kindergarten graduation any of us had ever attended.  (there was no such thing when we were that age)  As we sat and waited for the graduates to take their seats, I scanned the crowd of excited parents and grandparents and thought about how we would be bound together through this class for the next 12 years.  Which of these families would we get to know well throughout those years?  Which of the dimpled little guys would someday pin a corsage to Isadora’s dress before a big dance?  It’s the kind of stuff that will set your mind reeling out of control if you’ll let it.  My psyche was already a bit shaken, trying to figure out where the year went.  Trying to figure out where my kindergartener went.

Lucky for me, thoughts like that are quickly banished with celebratory cupcakes.

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