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The Vicarious Farmer: Ode to Peas

The Vicarious Farmer: Ode to Peas
July 11, 2011 Mary Jo

Welcome to the launch of a new series – The Vicarious Farmer.  It’s a bite-size serving of farmdom, featuring a fresh photo from the Acres and a pocket full of words to ruminate on.  Five Green Acres Lite, if you will, or a little farm meditation.

The Vicarious Farmer is you.  Imagine yourself perched on my shoulder for a snapshot of the day-to-day goings-on of this little farmette.

Shall we begin?


Fresh-from-the-garden-peas are precious.  So little yield from such picked bulk – it makes it seem gluttonous or wasteful to not also eat the pods.  But this year, to celebrate my first-ever successful crop of peas, I embraced the luxury of stand-alone peas.  Lightly dressed in butter and salt – oh how they shined without the muffling of the pods. Those we threw to the chickens, so we’ll eat them after all – all winter long.


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