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Reason #247 Why We Shall Not Have More Children

Reason #247 Why We Shall Not Have More Children
July 27, 2011 Mary Jo

Because then there would be absolutely NO WAY IN HELL I’d finish sewing each of us a new garment by this weekend’s annual Sugar Maple Music Fest.  As it stands, the idea of finishing four sewn-from-scratch garments that are currently (on Wednesday) only 60% cut out is some kind of crazy crack-smokin’ talk.  Yet I persist.

It’s sounded like a good idea for awhile now.  I declared my goal publicly and even included the “probably smokin’ crack” disclaimer a week or two ago.  Then I thought about starting, even cut out the pieces for Errol’s shirt.  Then I cleaned out the fridge, rediscovered my love for knitting, clipped my toenails.  Only last night I told The Mister that he’d probably not get his shirt by Friday or Saturday.  Then I proceeded to measure him.

This morning I rallied with a good cup of coffee and a pair of kids distracted in front of some PBS show online.  I cut out my dress.  I started putting fabrics together for Isadora’s and realized that I could finally live out that dream which is the birthright of every mother:   to have matching Mother/Daughter outfits.  Yes.  How I’ve resisted that sadistic impulse so long is beyond me – probably some form of laziness on my part.  It’s not like I haven’t had the opportunity.

And then I realized that I could do the same sort of thing for the boys.  With this, my jet pack has been ignited and I’m kicking it into High Gear.  You heard it here first: (You too, Dear!)  we will be matchy-matchy. (Isn’t that a GREAT IDEA?)  And we will be unmistakable at the Sugar Maple this year as “That Weird Quirky Family Dressed Alike But Strangely Not Performing.?!?”  If I get these all sewn, that is, which we all know has a snowball’s chance in hell.  But you never know…

See last year’s Sugar Maple, including the handmade Boy/Girl ensemble here.

2009 is here. No handmade clothes that year.

2008 here. None that year either.

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