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That we were a Family Unit was unmistakable.

That we were a Family Unit was unmistakable.
August 1, 2011 Mary Jo

I met that little deadline set so flippantly last Wednesday.  Somehow I managed to sew a new something for all four of us, or rather two sets of coordinating get-ups.


It was fortunate that we did get in some dancing before we all melted into a big, handsewn puddle.  It was so, so hot.  Our night ended abruptly when it was determined that the cost/benefit ratio had skewed way out of our favor.

Some important sewing notes to myself for the future:

+ Deadlines are your best friend!

+ Deadlines are constraining in that they don’t allow for tweaking or modifications.  Isadora’s green dress bottom is actually a Size 7 women’s skirt modified to fit her dress.  As such, it has a body of its own and was quite boxy and awkward.  I’m going to play with moving her sash down a bit to hopefully blend that area better.  Andrew’s pockets were hastily replaced on Sunday (after the fact) with those of the same main shirt fabric.  Much better.  And my dress could use some work in better shaping the top half.  These are things you just can’t do when you’re cramming for a deadline.

+ The key to production sewing like this:  cut everything out ahead of time!  Really, I’d guess that part takes about the same amount of time as the actual sewing/construction.  Or pretty close.

+ It should also be noted that every scrap of fabric was part of my stash, thus in full accordance with the principles of the Rumpelstiltskin Challenge.




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