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Out of the Office

Out of the Office
September 22, 2011 Mary Jo

I am currently out of the office.  A business trip has taken me to scour my gardens and those of my friends and neighbors for the last bits of summer color, which I will inject into a giant box of wool.  Our farmhouse kitchen is also out-of-the-office, as it has been thoroughly (and inconveniently) transformed into a dyeing workshop.  While I am away, (mentally, if nothing else) all school lunches will be Hot, suppers will alternate between Popcorn and Frozen Pizza and all laundry needs should be sufficiently met by any one of the four heaping baskets of clean, unfolded clothes.  If you have a matter of great urgency during my absence, please direct your calls to Captain Daddio at ext. 47.  I hope to return soon, though I am quite happily occupied.

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