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The Ghost of Halloween Past

The Ghost of Halloween Past
October 31, 2011 Mary Jo

Lil' Isadora, Halloween 2007 (age 2)

Where did this girl go???

Back to the present, we’ve hastily aborted all costumes pertaining to Astrid Lindgren.  It’s a good thing I publicized that grandiose intent, so that you can all witness how sometimes the best-laid plans fall apart when reality steps in.  Oh well.  The ruse is up – some of my very best plans never make it to fruition. I will, however, report later on the lovely Laura Ingalls and Big & Little Lumberjack pair that will be marching the Trick-or-Treat route this year.

In unrelated news, the sewing classes are starting to fill up, so if you have intentions to be present, best to sign up sooner rather than later.  Are you local(ish)?  I’m working on a Class Schedule Page on the blog where you can find all of the details – new classes are being added all the time!  Click on the “Class Schedule” link at the tip-top of the page to check it out. (should be up momentarily!)  AND, I’m starting a Class Schedule newsletter, in case you want a magic email notification when new classes are added.  Sign up for that here:

Whew.  Happy Halloween from all of us!



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