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Instead, Halloween came straight from the dress-up bin.

Instead, Halloween came straight from the dress-up bin.
November 4, 2011 Mary Jo

A warm thank you to the loving soul that handsewed this lovely prairie dress, no doubt for another Laura Ingalls of Halloween’s past.  I found this gem at a thrift store, snatched it up for the dress-up bin, and in a huge sigh of relief, retrieved it when all Lofty Halloween Plans came crashing down.  The sunbonnet was already in said bin, and, while the wide brim was cumbersome for trick-or-treating, we remarked on how well it kept the sun off her eyes from her vantage point in the covered wagon.

And The Boy?  His costume also came from the dress-up bin.  He had been slated to be a mini version of Lumberjack Andrew (what a huge departure from every day, right?) but threw a fit at the last minute and demanded we dress him in a cozy dragon costume.  I’ll be damned if I had the presence of mind to take any pictures of him.  The Tomten garb is still on the knitting needles and I’ve (conveniently) decided it’s a look more befitting Solstice than Halloween.

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