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Winterizing: The Boy

Winterizing: The Boy
November 16, 2011 Mary Jo

Hot off the press are these 5 new long-sleeve raglan tees for The Boy.  This effectively increases his long-sleeve winter wear by approx. 250%.  Not too shabby for a day’s work.  This one features a lovely screenprinted image I got at the Procession of the Species Solstice event two years ago.    The bowtie is mine.  The sleeves are made from a lovely wool knit, the body from a sweatshirt type fleece that I thrifted some time ago.

This is a little trout block print I did.  I was so proud of myself…until I realized I printed it on the back panel of the shirt.  I decided to turn it into a little joke.  Here’s the front:

Again, the bright blue wool knit.  A fun technique for adding more linear elements; you can see the dried fabric glue stick I used to both lay out the writing and stick down the applique.  As it’s a fabric glue stick, I trust it will wash right out.  Haven’t gotten that far yet.  You’ve already met Witchard.

Even a thin-gauge sweater makes a fine candidate for these shirts, if you can use the hems of the original sweater to prevent fraying.  This sweater will have to be very carefully concealed from the sheep, however, as it’s entirely acrylic.  Blech.  Apparently the softness of it and stripes momentarily overtook my better judgement when I was shopping.  Because it’s not nearly as warm or fabulous as wool.

Need to winterize your own Little?  There’s space left for both the Embellish it! Workshop  (all this printing/applique/collage goodness) and the Raglan Tee Workshop.  Drop me a line and register soon.

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