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Chasing my own tail…

Chasing my own tail…
December 8, 2011 Mary Jo

…is the answer to your question of “What have you been up to lately?”

Since we last chatted, (we)

+ both attended Sheep Shearing School.   Wowee.  I can fathom no better, more comprehensive workout; you simply can not imagine how strenuous shearing a sheep is.  Wowee.  It was a great workshop, encompassing 14 hours of this past weekend.  I myself sheared 8 very pregnant, very giant ewes.  Andrew did about the same, I think.  We took turns, except that one time I wimped out and made him do two in a row, with a nice break in between.  Shearing two sheep back-to-back seems to me an athletic feat akin to running a marathon; I’d put my money on a shearer in an arm-wrestling match any day.  Handy tip for you, too.

+ got our Christmas tree.  Three days later, we decorated it.  Actually, the kids and Daddio decorated it – I was slumped in a fatigue-induced near-coma in the chair and after carefully draping the wool garland, contributed only snickers over some of our crazy-kitsch ornaments as they emerged.

+ decided to host an extended-family Christmas gathering at the homestead.  I promised lambs to snuggle.  I hope I’m not a big fat liar.

+ I finalized my pre-holiday Sewing Class Schedule.  You’ll find all the details if you head to the top of this blog header – top right corner in lime green is the Class Schedule for you to click on.  Nearly a day late and a dollar short, it’s been a grueling process to work out all the details, but I’ve finally got it nailed down.  Nearly all of these classes (previous offerings too) will be held again in the new year, so don’t fret if you can’t swing the spontaneous sewing adventure right now.

Is that all?  It seems so much less daunting when I lasso it on the screen.  Perhaps that’s the caffeine talking.

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