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Sewing my way out of this mess

Sewing my way out of this mess
December 20, 2011 Mary Jo

My studio is in a state of emergency.  Fibers are everywhere – the woven kind one uses for sewing, the fluffy kind one uses for spinning and knitting.  Patterns are everywhere – the kind that comes nicely contained in an envelope and the kind that manifests on scraps of paper in the midst of a creating binge.  Thread ends and seam trimmings and snippets of fabric float about like dust motes.  Christmas gifts, too, have begun piling up in this place which has become a de facto repository for gifts waiting to be tucked into fabric gift bags.

I can find only one reasonable way out.  To start sewing.  The bulkiest bits are prioritized for their (larger) ability to open up real estate.  First up – a replacement shower curtain.  The lovely crane-filled curtain made in a previous flurry of sewing (blathered on about here) has unfortunately not withstood the intense pressure of soap build-up (it became faded and discolored) nor the pressure of the washing machine,  (defective, I think, and since replaced) which chewed the bottom hem to bits.  Our showers, while still quite functional from a utilitarian standpoint, had lost all of their aesthetic ambiance quite a while ago.  This natural-color large piece of what I presume to be linen/cotton was spotted among the standard polyester fare of a thrift store.  I printed the lovely motif with an wood block I scored at my favorite local-ish antique store.  I salvaged the upper white portion and added then new skirt and done.  Seems ridiculous that it sat around so long.

Now that I had a discolored hemp former-shower curtain to deal with (because you can’t just throw that out – it’s HEMP and crazy-expensive) I didn’t really gain anything in the Clear-Space-in-my-Studio department, did I?  I quickly cut and sewed that former shower curtain bottom into two nice drawstring sacks with which to contain some of the renegade wool clogging the studio’s arteries.  Ka-pow!

This sack is currently moonlighting as a gift bag.

This cutter quilt was taking up nearly a full cube of my fabric wall.  I hemmed and hawed and agonized over what to do with it, until I decided that the very best thing to do with it is actually the very opposite of the Too-Precious-To-Cut-Up-So-Let-it-Wallow-on-the-Shelves-For-Years approach I had been taking:  I made it into three dog beds.  Now it sits in a lovely quilted bundle under the tree.  The pugs won’t know what hit them on Christmas morn – they haven’t received gifts from us since we upended their social status by procreating.

Another cutter quilt – this one has now been cut up and used in about 5 different ways.  The most dramatic is not shown – I’m waiting for it to magically float up to the wall where it will hang in our bedroom.  That magic is pending.  The bottom hem, however, is shown above in its new incarnation as a dresser runner.  So, so lovely.  Hand quilted.  I hope she who crafted such a lovely quilt is not too terribly mad at me for cutting it up – the all-over wear is evident and comforts me that it was overwhelmingly loved in its previous life as a quilt.

Now.  Off to keep digging myself out.


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