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A forced whisper

A forced whisper
January 3, 2012 Mary Jo

I’ve been wearing the same pair of wool socks, without interruption, for the entire year; the same pair of jammies – 2/3rds of the year.  I trust that 2012 will include plenty of articulate discussion but this I take on faith alone; I’ve been without my voice since last year.  It’s a whopper of a cold that’s battered me into a (unwashed) (phlegm-y) (Marge-Simpson-sounding) sorry pile of blah.  I’m at all times within arm’s reach of Osha Root tincture, to keep the sinuses from exploding.  A while ago, I rallied and managed to haul in a pile of firewood; Cold knows no reprieve for the sick.

The Boy and I are snuggled up by that hard-won fire, sipping tea, listening to the radio.  I plan to take out my knitting and bunker down for a while, whispering my way through another day.  I may or may not change my socks and jammies.  Probably not.

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