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January 5, 2012 Mary Jo

Thus it was written by Isadora in 2011.  Using the brush of artistic license, she lovingly shaved months off their age when referring to the pair as “kittens” but such is her right as author.  The story, however, has gone from charming school work, pinned up for all to see, to historical record.  It seems we no longer have two cats at all.  It seems, with each passing day spent anxiously scanning the grounds from the window, that Cat Stevens has not joined us in the new year.  He’s known for not being ever-present, like his partner Ruby is; after we returned from Christmas parties away, we anxiously awaited a glimpse of him.  A strange showing of blood in the Sheep Hotel greeted our return instead.  Perhaps entirely unrelated, it remains unexplained.  A day later we spotted Stevens curled up in his favorite cushion in the basement.  That was the last we saw of him.

Perhaps he’s been invited into some warm house and kept there.  Perhaps he’ll come strolling home any minute.  Perhaps that’s all a bunch of naive, not-very-farm-realistic hooey.  Perhaps we’re down to one cat now.

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