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January is for…

January is for…
January 17, 2012 Mary Jo





new life.

We’re not so very different from bears, are we?  This weekend’s Prairie Home Companion mentioned a black bear momma-to-be in Ely, MN who was on the verge of giving birth.  You can imagine how that got our attention, especially when it was also mentioned that we could potentially witness it via the web cam in her den, outfitted with an infrared (night vision) lens.  We’ve been checking in with Jewel intermittently and to my knowledge, she’s not yet had those cubs.

Thankfully, I’m not expecting literal new life – human, lamb, or otherwise – but I am on the verge of rebirth myself.  I’ve undertaken a major overhaul of my studio.  I’ve bought paint for those studio walls that we’ve not yet made our own.  I’m coveting chippy old step back cabinets to replace the plywood and bracket shelves that formerly organized my stuff.  This is so much more than previous purge fests; I’m reconsidering every single thing crammed into that space, making it justify its existence.  And I’m letting go. I’m letting go of the things I know I’m not actually going to make.  I’m letting go of the ideas (65 million and counting) that are not aligned with my overarching goals.  I’ve re-adopted that mantra which flew out the window the minute we moved into this new life:  just because I can make something, doesn’t mean I should.

All of this requires a balanced vacillation between thinking and doing and resting. And lots and lots of purging.

Back to it.


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