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Bear cubs sound remarkably like human cubs.

Bear cubs sound remarkably like human cubs.
January 24, 2012 Mary Jo

Still working.  Last night saw the final brushstrokes of paint applied, minutes before the stroke of midnight.  It’s a lovely, calm shade of grey, matching perfectly the subdued, otherworldly light pouring into that North-facing room.  It was with much intention that this paint was chosen and applied.  Wave (of Focus) is what it’s called, the parenthetical being my own addition.  Can laying the groundwork for calm, sustained work, leading to fruition of certain goals be as simple as mindful painting?  Time will tell.  It certainly bodes well that this work was done during the new moon, a phase reputed for great success in achieving one’s intentions. Which was pure luck on my part, not due to clever planning, but I’ll take it nonetheless.


Have you been keeping up with Jewel, the Black Bear in labor?  We’ve been checking in from time to time and just this morning discovered that she had two bear cubs on Sunday morning.  Oh. My. If those newborn cub sounds don’t sound so much like newborn baby sounds… It’s almost eerie.

Happy Babymoon, Jewel.  I don’t envy you the intensity of life with (two!) newborns.


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