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The Vicarious Farmer: Winter Water

The Vicarious Farmer: Winter Water
February 9, 2012 Mary Jo
winter water

Welcome back to The Vicarious Farmer.  It’s a bite-size serving of farmdom, featuring a fresh photo from the Acres and a pocket full of words to ruminate on.

The Vicarious Farmer is you.  Imagine yourself perched on my shoulder for a snapshot of the day-to-day goings-on of this little farmette –  the idyllic and the banal.

Getting the water from (unfrozen) pipes to the mouths of the livestock is a significantly more involved process in the winter.  Each year the method is modified to suit the volume of water to transport; in previous years, the hauling of 5-gallon pails from the first floor bathroom sloshed water all over the kitchen floor on its way out of the house.  This year, the thirstiness of the livestock has grown well beyond the capacity of a few pails.  Our solution:  a garden hose connected to that bathroom faucet, running through the kitchen, out the back door to the plastic storage totes lining a utility cart. The totes, the likes of which store your Christmas decorations, are filled, covered, and pulled down the mercifully-downhill path to the coop and winter pasture. It’s inelegant, not at all befitting a legitimate farmer, akin to transporting livestock in a minivan. (Ahem.) This summer we hope to upgrade our status from Cracker-Jack to Self-Respecting by installing some hydrants near the coop and the gardens.  (and there’s plans for a bonafide livestock trailer, too)

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