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It is Knitting’s High Season

It is Knitting’s High Season
February 15, 2012 Mary Jo

The needles have been clicking at high speed of late, an indication that I’m fully engaged in a nice, long knitting jag.  If I were to appoint a theme for this winter’s collection on the needles, I’d call it Selfish or Wardrobe-Building.  All three woolens currently on the needles are destined to keep me warm.  To be fair, I did crank out chunky, soft pointed hats for both of the kids not too long ago.  The Mister is not in need of anything in particular, so he’s not suffering knitted neglect.  But I’m in dire need.  I have no over-the-knee knit stockings in my drawer, yet.  (But I will soon, despite any (motivating) doubts a certain someone has.  You know who you are.)

I’ve found an indispensable staple of Around-the-House-Wear to be a thrifted sweater vest.  It’s 100% acrylic.  Imagine my embarrassment and shame if word got out to the sheep.  It would be like coming home to a delicious home-cooked meal and declaring “no thanks – I picked up McDonald’s.”  Yes, I’m equating acrylic yarn to fast food.  To avoid this potential faux pas, I’ve been working diligently to purge the house of all acrylics.  That staple-of-home-attire vest will get the boot just as soon as this vest (above) transitions from my needles to my core. (and not a moment too soon)

And this capelet, resplendent in yarn that is the very essence of Valentines, will be the perfect adornment and practical necessity for a sleeveless, lightweight wool dress patiently waiting to be sewn together.  Perhaps I can even get away with wearing the stockings (top) without looking like a fool.  Such an ensemble would be appropriate for a birthday celebration, wouldn’t you say?  My own is just around the corner.  (Let’s face it – nothing gets knitted around here without a deadline, loose as it may be. )


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