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Sorry to have left you munsoned.

Sorry to have left you munsoned.
April 19, 2012 Mary Jo

Hello friends.  I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed this space, missed the shining window of time that I used to take to ruminate on whatever was top-most on my mind.  I hope to take that back very soon.  You see, I’ve met my limits.  Face on.  And had them blow up all over the place, leaving me as a deer in the headlights, shaken and not knowing where to begin to start digging out of the mess.

Trying to take on too many things at once is predominantly a Spring disease, I think.  Gosh – I hope it’s limited to Spring.  Starting seeds, getting and raising chicks, lambing, business management, tilling and planting the new-and-improved-garden, building a website from scratch, returning phone calls and emails, brushing hair and teeth…it all becomes quite overwhelming if attempted at the same time.  For me, at least.  I know you understand how this blog, any blog, can only represent a miniscule sliver of the whole of the life it describes.  I know you understand that when I post about some domestic achievement, you can’t necessarily see the pile of dirty laundry, frozen pizzas, hot school lunches that lift up that achievement and make it possible.  I know, too, that you understand that I work hard to not only portray the happy-shiny aspects of this day-to-day, but that I try hard to keep it real and also highlight areas where I haven’t gotten it quite right.  My goal, however, is balance.  All of the posts I’ve mentally written in the last, oh, 17 days have been about the particular challenges that have been bogging me down.  It seemed like all of that brash honesty would have taken this blog down a weighty negative path.  For this reason, and for the sheer fact that I’ve been in a tailspin, not knowing which end was up, I decided to shut up.

But I do miss you, I miss the community we’ve created here and the insights we’ve shared.  So I’m popping my head in for a brief moment to say so and also to introduce you to the newest member of the Acres.  His story is a sad one, folks, as he is an orphan.  His mom was sweet Violet – a brave, lovely little ewe who went through pure hell to birth him and in the days after his arrival.  We lost her to complications of lambing.  Despite his unfortunate start, he’s a bright strong ram lamb – a bottle lamb now, splitting his time between the house, where he fits in like another pug, and the pasture, where he’s desperately trying to find his place in the complicated social hierarchy.  His name, I concede officially, is Munson, a reference from the movie Kingpin.  Captain Daddio penned the name, of course, and it was swiftly adopted by coercion.  It is fitting, of course, but still I have reservations and concede only because I’m grossly outnumbered.  Such is farm democracy, no?  That he is a ram lamb even getting a name should speak to his fate.

Without further ado, I present Munson.

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