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Unlocking the Precious

Unlocking the Precious
May 25, 2012 Mary Jo

The kids’ lack of proper sun protection caught me off guard this year.  All day Sunday was spent under the rays, without the slightest bit of brim to shield those delicate heads.  Better fix that quick.  With little ado, I found the perfect pattern, the Bucket Hat from the Oliver + S book Little Things to Sew.  As for fabric, I decided that the time was right to break into the collection of Heather Ross’ Far Far Away that I had carefully squirreled away.  And what a lot of fabric I have from the collection!  It ain’t getting any fresher, I realized and these kids will outgrow the sweet illustrations before I blink my eyes.  With that in mind, I vowed to sew up as much of it as I can this summer.  We’ll see how that goes.  To that end, these hats were a good start.

The sentiment of letting go of the precious must have resonated deeply within me this week.  Also broken free from it’s cage was the delightful child-size accordion found at a garage sale a few years ago.  It’s out in the open now, set loose and enjoying the wee hands who play it with abandon.  Why I didn’t do that sooner, I don’t know; our days are now punctuated by the most lively impromptu music.

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